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Tenerife Dive Sites


Tenerife Dive offers a wide variety of dive sites, more than enough to keep the most experienced and adventurous diver occupied for several weeks. We also offer interesting and beautiful diving spots for the novice diver.

Here is a small selection:

Condesito shipwreckCondesito Shipwreck. (6m - 18m)
The Condesito shipwreck lies 3km from Las Galletas harbour, a sedate 10 minute rib ride along a beautiful shoreline.

The Condesito sits in a neat little under water gully. The hull, cabin and engine room are still intact and teeming with fish including 1m Trumpet Fish Pez trumpeta through to tiny playful Boxfish ‘Galinetta’, which dance between the soft corals and dead man's fingers.

Several Moray Eels inhabit the hull but if you follow a Trumpet fish away from the wreck, it will lead you to sites of golden sand, rich underwater flora and colourful animals including Indigo Damsel Fish, Fuller Negro, Octopus, and beautiful slate blue Sting Rays.

Stingrays TenerifeThe Rays Los Chuchos (17m - 21m)
The Rays is one of our most impressive dive sites and nobody has ever come away from this disappointed. Here you encounter crisp blue water descending to a rich golden sandy floor teeming with 5 different species of Ray, and a small wreck at the centre of the site.

It is not uncommon to find more than 20 rays at one time swimming around divers looking to be hand fed. Also seen at this site are groups of bright silver Jacks and occasionally a 2m long North Atlantic Snapper. A new visitor to the site is a turtle, for a short video click here

While everyone loves this site, it is an absolute must for photographers and videographers.

grouper fishPalm-Mar Cave Cuevo Del Palm Mar
Anchored above the cave in 16-18 m, we drop down a wall past 20 or more resident Moray eels. These include the large Painted Moray Morena pintada and Yellow Leopard Spotted Moray

As we leave the cave, we can either go deeper past two large rock formations to a third at 38 metres from where we ascend slowly enjoying the ever present Morays Morena, Damsel Fish Fula Negra and Arrow (spider) Crabs Cangrejo obispo. We can often see large Yellow Nudibranchs, very dark in colour with a striking yellow flash on its body - a great macro subject if you haven´t already run out of film.

trigger fishSteps Los Escolones (5m - 45m)
From the shot line in 10m we drop off a wall past a large shoal of ever-present Mackerel ‘Caballa’ to a sandy bottom at 18m. Here, we are immediately surrounded by hundreds of Grunt ‘Roncador’ forming a fantastic early photographic opportunity.

Onward through a large 2m high tunnel for about 10m we encounter Trumpet Fish Pez trumpeta up to 1.3 m long hovering motionless in the water before swimming gently down a valley to 30m. Here we turn N.W. and parallel to the shore in search of pairs of Triggerfish Galo and a shoal of Zebra Bream Sargo gently grazing on the low reefs.

Turning shoreward, we ascend slowly with the seabed past impressive volcanic reefs to the base of the wall, again at 18m. We then climb the basalt formation to a platform 20m or so further shoreward to yet another platform at 3-6 metres.

Coral Arch Los Arcos (18m-27m)
moray eelA series of stunning coral arches with 2 memorials; one to Jaques Cousteau and the other to a local diver, we anchor in 20m and enjoy breathtaking volcanic formations. We usually see Amberjack, rays, moray eels and even the occasional Angelshark. A great dive for everyone, but most especially for photographers.

angel shark>Deep Dives 30m - 60m

For the suitably qualified, we have a number of dive sites only 4-500m offshore with abundant Black Coral, Tuna, Amberjack and Atlantic Rays.

We even have a wreck at 40m-55m (Cita Del Mar)


For those holding a Nitrox certification, we have onsite filling facilities.

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