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PADI scuba diving

Diving Tenerife with Tenerife Dive for a fun and friendly experience, Established in 2002.

Diving in Tenerife is a fabulous experience for both novice and experienced scuba divers. The variety of dive sites will make any diving holiday package exciting.

  • Year long warm and sunny climate,
  • Just over a 4 hour flight from the UK,
  • Abundant marine life,
  • Volcanic reefs, walls, cavern and swim throughs,
  • Average water temperature  20 – 24°C,
  • Average air temperature – 23 – 28°C,
  • Open all year,
  • Plenty to see both above and under the water,

For up to the minute weather in Tenerife, sea and wind conditions weather underground.

In the South of Tenerife the temperature is always a few degrees hotter than shown on the weather charts.

Catch us on the local webcam or see for yourself our latest weather – web cam Las Galletas

The Canary Islander – what to do in Tenerife. The Canary Islander


Tenerife Dive have diving to suit all levels of ability.
For those trying scuba diving for the first time we promise you a beautiful and exciting adventure, while more experienced divers can enjoy thrilling deeper dives in the company of trumpetfish, parrotfish and assorted colourful visitors. We have varied depths on most dive sites which allows us to cover all levels of diving certification and experience.

There are currently 24 sites plotted on our G.P.S. and as Tenerife is a volcanic island, all dives are relatively close to shore and are within a 15 minute boat trip, so for those people who are not very good on boats, there is no need to worry about spending hours getting to your favourite site.

We normally come back to the harbour for our surface interval and have lunch/coffee at a nearby cafe.