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PADI Courses In Tenerife Canary Islands

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Scuba diving courses and experiences from complete beginners to the PADI professional level of IDC Staff Instructor*. For more detailed information on the PADI mainstream courses please Click Here

Information on becoming a PADI professional can be found either on the Go Pro menu or visit our other website dedicated solely to The PADI Instructor.

PADI Speciality Courses

Whatever your interests are underwater, PADI have a course to suit your needs. Try wreck diving, dive deeper, navigate a dive site or improve your skills using a surface marker buoy. These are just a few of the specialities we can offer.

PADI Deep diver. 4 open water dives to a maximum of 40 metres, covered is nitrogen narcosis, the loss of colour at depth, pressure at depth and navigation.

PADI Sidemount diver. 1 confined and up to 3 open water dives, learn to assemble and configure for using a sidemount cylinder. Trim your weight to be perfectly balanced.

PADI Wreck diver. 4 open water dives covering aspects of entanglement, mapping, hazards and entry into a wreck.

PADI Navigator. 3 dives concentrating on using both natural and compass navigation and is a must for those diving in areas of low visibility.

PADI Enriched air. (Nitrox) teaches how to use mixed gases up to a maximum of 40% oxygen.

PADI peak performance buoyancy. 2 dives perfecting your buoyancy skills which will make your dives last longer by air efficiency and streamlining.

PADI Search and Recovery. 4 dives looking at locating, lifting and recovering items using different search techniques.

PADI Multilevel diver. 2 dives concentrating on using the PADI wheel and planning your dives.

PADI Drysuit speciality. 2 dives which covers the different aspects of using a drysuit, a must for those diving in cold waters.

Record Your Memories

PADI Digital Underwater photography. 2 dives using a digital camera with housing. You will adjustments for underwater colour changes and post dive assessment on the computer with digital imaging software. Study materials available in paper format or study online.

PADI Drift speciality. 2 dives which covers the skills required for diving in a current.

PADI SMB speciality. 2 dives which covers deploying a Delayed Surface Marker Buoy from the bottom and then from mid water.

If you require more information on our speciality courses please contact Yvonne

*offered by a resident PADI Course Director