Enriched Air Diving

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Diving with NITROX

Diving with NITROX is becoming more and more popular. This is not surprising as the benefits of padi enriched air coursesNITROX are unquestionable! NITROX contains less nitrogen than air, which implies that the diver will absorb less nitrogen during the dive.

Conclusion: Diving with NITROX means more comfort, an additional gain in safety, and a decisive extension of the no-stop times.

What is Enriched Air NITROX

Air consists of 78% nitrogen, 21% oxygen and 1% other gases. NITROX consists of the same ingredients – only the percentage is different. For NITROX 32 this means 67% nitrogen, 32% oxygen and 1% other gases. And so NITROX 36 will contain 63% nitrogen, 36% oxygen and 1% other gases. When diving with NITROX, the nitrogen percentage is reduced and the oxygen percentage is increased.

Advantages of Using NITROX

The reduced amount of absorbed nitrogen usually makes the diver feel more comfortable during and after the dive.

You have a choice between NITROX 32 and NITROX 36, you can decide on the NITROX blend based on your personal needs.

The combined advantages of diving with NITROX means an additional gain in safety as well as an extension of the no-stop time.

Certification as an Enriched Air diver

The PADI Enriched air (NITROX) course consists of diving theory and 2 workshops. After successful completion of the course you will be able to dive with your preferred NITROX blend up to a maximum of 40% oxygen.

Special Offer

You can combine the Advanced Open water course and the Enriched air (NITROX) course for the offer price of only €395 euro All sections of both courses are required to be completed prior to certification. The Enriched Air speciality course is a non diving course.

Per Dive

On a per dive basis, diving with NITROX will cost you an extra €6,00 per dive.

FREE Nitrox Calculator APP – You cannot use Nitrox without an enriched air certification.