How To Tie A Bowline, Sheet Bend And 2 Half Hitches

How to tie a Bowline

The rabbit comes out of the hole, runs around the tree and runs back down into the hole. To tighten the knot, grab both loose ends and pull hard.


How to tie a Sheetbend

This is the knot for joining two pieces of string, as it doesn’t shake loose easily. If you have different sizes of string, make the first loop in the thicker string.


Make a loop with one string.

Pass the other string through the loop from underneath.

Take this second string round the back of the loop. Pass under the loose end of the loop string first.

Tuck the second string underneath itself, where it came out of the loop. Keep it above the loop.

How to tie A Round Turn and 2 Half Hitches

To permanently and securely tie a line to something, such as a piling.

half hitches

When making the hitches ensure that both are in the same direction.