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Travel And Scuba Diving Insurance Tenerife Canary Islands

A visit to the hyperbaric chamber at a cost in excess of 3000 euro is not generally a trip that divers wish to add to their itinery, however, very rarely accidents can happen.

In the Canary Islands it is compulsory to have insurance which will cover you for scuba diving, this can be insurance dedicated to scuba diving or most travel insurance policies also cover scuba diving, some as standard and others as a small supplement.


We can arrange scuba diving insurance online through one of our associates, who are a worldwide leading Insurance Company. Insurance can be arranged for 1 day, 1 week, 1 month or 1 year from as little as 6,00 euro. Cover is provided immediately and your identification number or passport number is required for completion of the form which we do online at the dive centre.

For a more comprehensive travel insurance we have teamed up with Essential Travel who can arrange all types of travel insurance for U.K. residents whether it is a single trip or an around the world backpacker adventure. Scuba diving is covered in their different policies, please check your requirements before proceeding with the online booking.holiday travel insurance.