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Tenerife Dive offers a wide variety of dive sites, more than enough to keep the most experienced and adventurous diver occupied for several weeks. We also offer interesting and beautiful diving spots for the novice diver. The diving sites are only between 3 – 20 minutes distance from the Marina Del Sur harbour in Las Galletas where our 7.5 metre RIB is moored.  No long walks carrying heavy equipment as the boat is on the pontoon.

Here is a small selection:

The Rays Los Chuchos (17m – 21m)

Diving Tenerife Atlantic rayThe Rays is one of our divers´favourite dive sites where you can see the stingrays in their natural environment. We have both the common stingray and the Atlantic ray. Watch them glide majestically past or don´t be surprised if they appear behind you.

We usually find 2 or 3 different types of moray eels and a shoal of roncadores (grunts). Out in the sand you will see a garden of sand eels and we also have a small wreck.

Roncadores Del Faro (5m – 45m)

Tenerife diving Roncadores del faroAnchor in the shallow water around 6 metres which is also perfect for the safety stop at the end of the dive. We drop over the wall down to 16 metres where we have the first of 2 swim through areas, usually there are lots of trumpetfish inside and around the exit. If we stay around 17 metres we can follow along the wall which has fantastic volcanic rock formations to the 2nd swim through at the other end of the site. If we come back along the top of the wall around 11 metres the area is teaming with bream, wrasse, damselfish and many more species.

If we are making a deeper dive we normally swim down the sand gulleys in hope of seeing perhaps stingrays or in the winter months Angelsharks.

Montaña Amarilla (5m – 25m)

Tenerife Scuba diving Yellow MountainThis area has 3 different dives sites that we can visit, it is a series of pinnacles that we can anchor from the shallow area of 5 metres or we can visit the shoal of roncadores at 25 metres, and all depths inbetween.

When diving in Tenerife you will see very interesting volcanic rocks of strange and wonderful shapes, some have formed as arches others as swim throughs.

Los Arcos (16m – 30m)

Tenerife Scuba DivingVolcanic arches to swim through, the largest at 26 metres with has a small memorial to Jacques Cousteau. Lots of ornate wrasse and an old moray eel that has been on the site for many years. Very scenic for the photographers.

Shark Cave (10m – 20m)

Shark cave dive site TenerifeA large cavern area with the entrance at 17 metres, once inside your eyes adjust to see lots of Catalufa and trumpetfish. We occasionally find a stingray sleeping inside or some jacks swimming around. There is a large exit at 13 metres then we carry on along the dive site which is dependant on the direction of any current.

Condesito Shipwreck. (9m – 18m)

wreck diving TenerifeEl Condesito was carrying bags of cement when it sunk many years ago. It is located very close to the shore and in the surge it has broken up over the years. It sits in a neat little under water gully and is inhabited by many trumpetfish, bream, we usually see cuttlefish and many other small species.

It is not enormous therefore after the visit we usually head along the gullies to see what we can find among the rocks, starfish, octopus, wrasse, damselfish.

Deep Dives 30m – 50m

Black coral TenerifeFor the suitably qualified, we have a number of dive sites located in the deeper waters and still only a short distance from shore. We have black coral which looks like christmas tree branches and a few larger caverns at depth.